Use Of Narcotics To Treat Pain

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Use Of Narcotics To Treat Pain

Use Of Narcotics To Treat Pain

(p. 19) ______________ psychologists strive to understand people who are psychologically healthy, happy, and compassionate.

1. A. Cognitive
2. B. Developmental
3. C. Positive
4. D. Clinical

(p. 15) Psychoanalysis assumes that:

1. A. underlying biological events such as hormonal changes mediate all human behavior.
2. B. the unconscious mind is the most powerful motivator of behavior.
3. C. social forces are the most powerful motivators of adult behavior.
4. D. D).dreams have no meaning to or relationship with the unconscious mind.
(p. 14) Philip Pinel of France is said to have been the first major proponent of _____________.

1. A. the use of narcotics to treat pain
2. B. moral treatment of the mentally ill
3. C. the study of the mind-body connection
4. D. considering psychology as a science
(p. 17) Who is considered the founder of American psychology?

1. A. Elizabeth Loftus
2. B. Carl Jung
3. C. Sigmund Freud
4. D. William James
(p. 20) Gestalt psychology proposed that:

1. A. people learn by making associations.
2. B. breaking down experience into its elemental parts offers the best way to understand thought and behavior.
3. C. psychology is a sub-discipline of philosophy.
4. D. in perception a unified whole is more than a compilation of parts.
(p. 15) The ______________ therapy focuses on changing a person’s maladaptive thought and behavior patterns by discussing and rewarding more appropriate ways of thinking and behaving.

1. A. sublimation
2. B. cognitive-behavioral
3. C. repression
4. D. reaction formation
(p. 17) ______________ founded the American Psychological Association (APA).

1. A. Carl Jung
2. B. G. Stanley Hall
3. C. Gustav Fechner
4. D. Wilhelm Wundt
(p. 15) Psychologists in the United States use a standardized reference for diagnosing mental disorders called _____________.

1. A. The Interpretation of Dreams, by Sigmund Freud
2. B. the American Psychological Association Guide to Mental Disorders (APAGMD)
3. C. Dr. Freud`s Guide to Mental Illnesses (DFGMI)
4. D. the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
(p. 20) Cognitive science focuses on the scientific study of _____________.

1. A. thought
2. B. asylums
3. C. computers
4. D. school psychology
(p. 19) Behaviorism is an extreme form of _____________.

1. A. functionalism
2. B. environmentalism
3. C. structuralism
4. D. empiricism
(p. 20) Samantha sees a sign on a club’s marquee that says “CLUB _ EN FRO_ 8PM TO 4AM.” Although some letters are missing from the sign, she knows it is listing the hours when the club is open. Samantha’s perception would be of greater interest to ______________ psychologists.

1. A. positive
2. B. Gestalt
3. C. industrial/organizational
4. D. social
(p. 19) Which of the following psychologists asserted that psychology can be a true science only if it examines observable behavior, not ideas, thoughts, feelings, or motives?

1. A. William James
2. B. Abraham Maslow
3. C. John Watson
4. D. Carl Rogers
(p. 17) In which year did Wundt set up a psychology laboratory in Leipzig, Germany, now considered the birthplace of experimental psychology?

1. A. 1729
2. B. 1652
3. C. 1965
4. D. 1879
(p. 19) Dr. Hennesey believes that psychologists should analyze only human behavior that can be observed. He is most likely a strict _____________.

1. A. humanistic psychologist
2. B. functionalist
3. C. behaviorist
4. D. social psychologist
(p. 20) If we compare the human mind with a computer, behavior and thoughts would be analogous to _____________.

1. A. central processing unit (CPU)
2. B. output
3. C. storage device
4. D. input

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