Treatment Of Psychological Disorders

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Treatment Of Psychological Disorders

Treatment Of Psychological Disorders

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What modern view of psychological disorders developed at the end of the 1800s?

1. A. Psychological disorders are a form of illness that should be diagnosed and treated.
2. B. Psychological disorders are actually thought disorders, rather than instances of spirit possession caused by witchcraft.
3. C. Psychological disorders are mood disorders and should be treated by psychoanalysis.
4. D. Psychological disorders have an underlying physical cause and thus should be treated by physical means.
______________ coined the term psychophysics.

1. A. Carl Jung
2. B. Wilhelm Wundt
3. C. Gustav Fechner
4. D. G. Stanley Hall
______________ believed that a detailed analysis of experience as it happened provides the most accurate glimpse into the workings of the human mind.

1. A. Socialists
2. B. Structuralists
3. C. Behaviorists
4. D. Functionalists
In the 1870s the first laboratories in psychology were opened in _____________.

1. A. Germany
2. B. China
3. C. the United States
4. D. Austria
Psychology gained its independence from philosophy when researchers started to examine and test human sensations and perception using ______________ methods.

1. A. abstract
2. B. behavioral
3. C. scientific
4. D. reflection
Psychology can be considered as an empirical science because:

1. A. psychology originates from medicine.
2. B. psychology is based on the laws of nature.
3. C. psychologists test predictions about behavior with systematic observations and by gathering data.
4. D. psychologists believe that human beings create knowledge from reflection and thinking.
______________ asserts that psychology can be a true science only if it examines observable behavior, not ideas, thoughts, feelings, or motives.

1. A. Structuralism
2. B. Behaviorism
3. C. Socialism
4. D. Functionalism
Wilhelm Wundt is credited with:

1. A. giving psychology its independence from philosophy and physiology.
2. B. identifying the effects of childhood experiences on the development of our adult personality.
3. C. evaluating the effects of social forces on one`s behavior.
4. D. developing the discipline of psychophysics.
In the context of psychology, which of the following is a major difference between scientists and philosophers?

1. A. Philosophers do not collect data to test their ideas.
2. B. According to scientists, the mind simply receives what our sensory organs—eyes, ears, nose, skin, and tongue—take in from the outside world.
3. C. Philosophers believe that human beings create knowledge from experience.
4. D. According to scientists, human beings create knowledge from reflection and thinking.

Ed, an early researcher in psychology, was interested in how the environment impacts tendencies to act. He believed that focusing on the mind through introspection was not scientific. Ed was a:

1. A. structuralist.
2. B. functionalist.
3. C. behaviorist.
4. D. psychoanalyst.
(p. 20) If we compare the human mind with a computer, sensation would be analogous to _____________.

1. A. central processing unit (CPU) B. output
2. C. storage device
3. D. input

To compare psychophysics and physics, if physicists study the physical properties of light and sound, psychophysicists study:

1. A. causes of light and sound.
2. B. human perception of light and sound.
3. C. commercial uses of light and sound.
4. D. effects of light and sound on the environment.

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