The Hypercompetition Frame.

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The Hypercompetition Frame.

The Hypercompetition Frame.

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While sustaining a cost focus, JetBlue’s chairman believes that JetBlue can compete on more than price, which is part of its unique differentiation strategy. It is why the airline continually strives to keep customers satisfied with frills such as extra leg room, leather seats, prompt baggage delivery, DirectTV, and movies. It has been recognized with many awards for customer satisfaction in the North American airline industry.

Dynamic Environment Strategies Porter’s generic strategies model is useful for diagnostics, for understanding how a business seeks to profit in its chosen marketplace, and for prescriptions, or building new opportunities for advantage. It reflects a careful balancing of countervailing competitive forces posed by buyers, suppliers, competitors, new entrants, and substitute products and services within an industry. As is the case with many models, dynamic environment strategies offer managers useful tools for thinking about strategy.

However, the Porter model was developed at a time when competitive advantage was sustainable because the rate of change in any given industry was relatively slow and manageable. Since the late 1980s, when this frame- work was at the height of its popularity, newer models have been developed to take into account the increasing turbulence and velocity of the marketplace. Organizations need to be able to respond instantly and change rapidly, which requires dynamic structures and processes. One example of this type of approach is the hypercompetition framework. Discussions of hypercompetition take a perspective different from that of the previous framework. Por- ter’s framework focuses on creating competitive advantage in relatively stable markets, whereas hypercompetition frameworks suggest that the speed and aggressiveness of the moves and countermoves in a highly competitive and

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24 The Information Systems Strategy Triangle

turbulent market create an environment in which advantages are rapidly created and eroded. In a hypercompetitive market, trying to sustain a specific competitive advantage can be a deadly distraction because the environment and the marketplace change rapidly. To manage the rapid speed of change,

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