PSY 201 Assignment Group Toy Project

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PSY 201 Assignment Group Toy Project

PSY 201 Assignment Group Toy Project


For your term project this module, you will be a member of a
Research & Development (R&D) Team that will plan, develop, create a
prototype for, and pitch to an Administrator of the University, a
developmentally appropriate NEW toy. A
separate team discussion board will be set up for each team so that team
members can discuss ideas back and forth. This discussion board will be graded
as an individual grade reflecting YOUR individual contributions to the overall
project and is worth 50% of your grade for the toy project. The other 50% of
the toy project grade is the grade for your final submission of the toy project
(see rubrics in UNIT 1).

The Research & Development of the toy is an organic,
dynamic process, therefore, it is not possible to detail all that must go into
developing your toy or final write-up.
What is written below is to serve as a guide to your open-ended,
creative process. You are the creators, the researchers, and the developers.
You will take this project from idea inception to end prototype model. You are
the CEOs of this project. In week 8,
your group will submit a PowerPoint on your toy for your classmates to view.

The PowerPoint must include:

Aim: To create a developmentally appropriate toy to
foster______________ development. Which
aspect of development (e.g., cognitive, linguistic) does your toy address?

Discuss three scholarly articles that provide relevant background
information on the area of development you are targeting (e.g., cognitive,

Describe the novel toy you created. Describe the dimensions and features of your
final prototype. Include graphics and/or pictures.

What is the function of your toy? How does it work?

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Subjects: Target gender, age, location, and any other
subject variables that apply.

Does your toy enhance any aspect of development? How?

Is this toy necessary? Does it fill a void in the toy
market? How is your toy an improvement over existing models already on the market?

Is there any bias associated with your toy? Address any bias issues relating to culture,
gender, abilities/disabilities, etc. How could you modify your toy to meet the
needs of other cultures, abilities/disabilities?

Concluding remarks.

Refer to the attached document for the grading rubric. Submit your work by clicking on the
“Groups” tab on the left-hand corner of this page. Then, find your
group and click on the link to open it. Scroll down until you see
“Assignment Information”. Click here to submit your assignment.

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