NURS6501 Week 6 Knowledge Check Advanced  Pathophysiology

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NURS6501 Week 6 Knowledge Check Advanced  Pathophysiology

Week 6 Knowledge Check

Endocrine Disorders

In this exercise, you will complete a 10-20 question Knowledge Check to gauge your understanding of this module’s content.

Possible topics covered in this Knowledge Check include:


Hyper- and hypothyroidism

Adrenal disorders

Parathyroidism (hyper and hypo)

Checks & balances / negative feedback

Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone


Diabetes insipidus

Diabetic ketoacidosis

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(Note: It is strongly recommended that you take the Knowledge Check at least 48 hours before taking the Midterm Exam.)

Complete the Knowledge Check By Day 5 of Week 6

NURS6501 Week 6 Knowledge Check Advanced Pathophysiology

NURS6501 Week 6 Knowledge Check Advanced Pathophysiology

Question 1          Dysfunction of the posterior pituitary can cause:

Question 2          Dysfunction of the thyroid gland can cause:

Question 3          Cell that stores fat are known as:

Question 4          Primary hyperparathyroidism can lead to the development of:

Question 5          Dysfunction of the anterior pituitary can cause:

Question 6          Type of adipose tissue, located viscerally and subcutaneously, with adipocytes that have one lipid droplet are called as:

Question 7          In autoimmune-mediated diabetes pancreatic beta cells are destroyed by autoreactive  ______________________

Question 8          Water-soluble hormones generally have a short half-life

Question 9          Weakness, fatigue, hypotension, hyperkalemia, hypoglycemia, elevated ACTH are symptoms of what condition?

Question 10        Plasma calcium concentration is regulated by what hormone?

Question 11        A person who has an iodine-deficient diet will have difficulty making enough of what hormone?

Question 12        Type of adipose tissue located in bone marrow is called:

Question 13        Extracellular fluid volume and plasma potassium concentration is regulated by what hormone?

Question 14        HIgh levels of what hormone is common in syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH)?

Question 15        Cytokines and hormones secreted by adipose tissue are known as _______________

Question 16        Enlargement of the thyroid gland  is a response to increased stimulation by ______________

Question 17        Low hormone concentrations usually cause cells to _________________ receptors for that hormone.

Question 18        Lethargy, hyponatremia, perhaps seizure, decreased plasma osmolality, concentrated urine are symptoms of what condition?

Question 19        Where are incretins released from?

Question 20        Cretinism is caused by untreated congenital _______________ .


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