NURS 8210 Assignment Introduction to Health Information Technology

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NURS 8210 Assignment Introduction to Health Information Technology 

NURS 8210 Assignment Introduction to Health Information Technology 

Week 1: Introduction to Health Information Technology Systems and Nursing Informatics
In 1943, Tom Watson was quoted as saying, "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."
Little did this chairman of IBM realize that the advent of computers would revolutionize all facets of
society, including health care. The health care industry has used the power of technology to dramatically
improve the quality of patient care. Today, bar code scanners document patient medications, robotic
machinery is used to perform minimally invasive surgeries, and pill bottles feature audible labels to assist
patients in taking the correct medication. As health care continues to change and new innovations appear,
what types of skills will nurses need in order to harness the potential of emerging and evolving
This week you will examine the history of nursing informatics as well as the Technology Informatics
Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) initiatives that drive technology education for nurses. Using the
TIGER and American Nurses Association guidelines, you also evaluate your own informatics
Reference: Rinkworks. (n.d.) Things people said: Bad predictions. Retrieved
Learning Objectives
Students will:
 Summarize how informatics has impacted or changed nursing practice
 Evaluate the influence of informatics competencies on quality of care and nursing practice
 Apply online learning resources to professional growth and development
 Compare the contributions of two nursing informatics pioneers

Learning Resources
Note: To access this week’s required library resources, please click on the link to the Course Readings
List, found in the Course Materials section of your Syllabus.
Required Readings
Course Text: Ball, M. J., Douglas, J. V., Hinton Walker, P., DuLong, D., Gugerty, B., Hannah, K. J., . . .
Troseth, M. R. (Eds.) (2011). Nursing informatics: Where technology and caring meet (4th ed.). London,
England: Springer-Verlag.
 Chapter 1, "Nursing Informatics: Transforming Nursing"
 Chapter 12, "The Evolving National Informatics Landscape"

Chapter 1 introduces the need for health care reform by detailing cost concerns and future needs of the
nursing profession. A look at the beginning stages of the TIGER collaborative is also given, detailing its
start at the 2006 Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. Chapter 12
provides an overview of technology's emergence into the health care industry.

Course Text: American Nurses Association. (2008). Nursing informatics: Scope and standards of
practice. Silver Spring, MD: Author.
 "Introduction" (pp. 1–2)
 "Informatics Competencies" (pp. 33–40)

The 2-page excerpt from the introduction offers a brief description of the field of informatics and presents
the rationale for referring to the scope and standards throughout your nursing career. The excerpt from the
"Informatics Competencies" section uses research and matrices to correlate informatics competencies
with the education and roles of nursing professionals.

Cesnik, B., & Kidd, M. R. (2010). History of health informatics: A global perspective. Studies in Health
Technology and Informatics, 151, 3-8.

The authors of this article begin by summarizing the rise of computer development and use. They then
examine how technology will build the capabilities of future businesses.

Hovenga, E., Kidd, M, Garde, S., & Hullin Lucay Cossio, C. (2010). Health informatics: An
introduction. Studies In Health Technology and Informatics, 151, 9-15.

A brief explanation of informatics principles is given in this article.

Ozbolt, J. G. & Saba, V. K. (2010). A brief history of nursing informatics in the United States of
America. Nursing Outlook, 56(5), 199-205.

Examine the initiatives and technological developments that have informed the field of informatics by
using this article as a guide.

Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER). (n.d.). The TIGER Initiative: Informatics
competencies for every practicing nurse: Recommendations from the TIGER collaborative. Retrieved

For this week, focus on the executive summary and Appendix A, B, and C for review of the TIGER
initiative and resulting competencies.

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Required Media
Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2011). Transforming nursing and healthcare through
technology: What is health informatics? Baltimore, MD: Author.

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 13 minutes.

In this week's media presentation, the presenters discuss the extensive applications, implications, and
benefits of health informatics for patients, practitioners, and health care organizations as a whole.

Accessible player

HIMSS/AMDIS Physician Community Podcast Series. (Producer). (2009). Episode #15: TIGER initiative
– technology informatics guiding education reform. [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

Joyce Sensmeier, vice president of informatics at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems
Society (HIMSS), presents the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) initiative
that is aimed at educating nurses on new digital technologies. This podcast also highlights the
organizational accomplishments and future informatics goals of the TIGER initiative.To access the
podcast, scroll through the page linked above to find Episode #15.

American Medical Informatics Association. (2011). Video Library 1: Nursing informatics pioneers.
Retrieved from

The AMIA developed a Nursing Informatics History Project, aimed at documenting and preserving the
history of nursing informatics. This project consists of two video libraries. Video Library 1 portrays the
viewpoints and accomplishments of those recognized as pioneers in the informatics field.

Optional Resources

Gugerty, B. Delaney, C. (August, 2009). Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform (TIGER).
TIGER Informatics Competencies Collaborative (TICC) Final Report. Retrieved from

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