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NURS 675L Health Informatics Practicum Discussion

NURS 675L Health Informatics Practicum Discussion

NURS 675L Health Informatics Practicum Discussion


Reflect on your second session of the health informatics
practicum. What are you most excited about having learned/experienced in the
field? What have you not yet had the opportunity to apply from your previously
learned coursework? Give specific examples and strategies for gaining this
experience in the future (e.g., professional development opportunities beyond
your degree).

Practicum in Biomedical Informatics

The School of Biomedical Informatics students in the Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics must select an area of interest in which to apply the knowledge and skill gained during the didactic courses while participating in the required practicum course.

This practicum requirement will provide hands-on field experience that gives students the opportunity to work in a professional environment under the supervision of a professional with biomedical informatics or related experience, and with the guidance of a School of Biomedical Informatics faculty member.

Capstone Requirements for Graduation

Overview of Capstone Paper

  • The capstone paper is the culmination of the successful completion of the Practicum Course (BMI 6000) that is completed over the course of one to three semesters.
  • Students will not be approved for graduation until the capstone paper is submitted and signed by the Practicum Faculty Advisor.

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  • Due to the depth of the capstone paper and the number of potential draft submissions, not all students are advised to enroll in the Practicum Course (BMI 6000) in the last semester of the M.S. program. This is unique for each student and students should seek advice from their Practicum Faculty Advisor.
  • This project is a comprehensive, integrative practice and/or research experience that reflects synthesis of program course work and mastery of expert practice knowledge in the translation of current research to improve biomedical informatics practice focusing on healthcare outcomes for patients, families, populations or systems.
  • Each student collaborates with an agency and/or School of Biomedical Informatics Practicum Faculty Advisor to address a real-world health problem or issue. The capstone allows the student to demonstrate expertise in biomedical informatics and competencies in applied and/or research areas of study.
  • The student must successfully complete the capstone in order to complete the requirements for the practicum course and ultimately earn a master’s degree. Students who successfully complete the capstone paper have achieved the following:
    • Regular meetings, at least two times per month, with their Practicum Faculty Advisor (in-person or via GoToMeeting).
    • Met with onsite preceptor (if applicable) to identify the clinical problem within three weeks of project start date.
    • Practicum/Capstone Proposal completed and approved by both the onsite preceptor (if applicable) and Practicum Faculty Advisor within three weeks of project start date.
    • Weekly logs to track project progress.
    • Student-produced outline of Capstone Paper content, which the Practicum Faculty Advisor, approves within four weeks of project start date.
    • The final Capstone Paper will include, at a minimum;