NURS 675 What Have You Learned Thus Far In The Field DQ

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NURS 675 What Have You Learned Thus Far In The Field DQ

NURS 675 What Have You Learned Thus Far In The Field DQ

Reflect on your first session of the health informatics
practicum. What have you learned thus far in the field? What have you not had
the opportunity to apply yet from your previously learned coursework that you
may still want experience with during the next session? Give specific example

Digital media and technology, not only is it part of our everyday lives but education is reliable on it now a days. Student’s young and old have the option to learn online and not in the classroom and most positions out there require some sort of technological savvy aspect. So not only does technology important for communication but with what we do day by day.


I found in this course the idea of technology to be very interesting and was not planning on learning what I was going to. I never knew that there is so much technology used in education from pre-k to 12th grade in high school and it is used every day. There were 3 areas I found the most interesting while participating in this course, 1. Blooms taxonomy and how we use it to keep kids on the right learning track; 2. CoP’s and PLC’s and how they important to the educators themselves; and finally 3. Mobile learning.





I found Bloom’s taxonomy to be the most interesting because I know realize that throughout my educational experience all teachers and professors go by this strategy to make sure all of us are following along each lesson and understanding what we need to succeed in the next level. Not only does it help educators teach what they need but the levels are placed specifically where they are to make sure each level is met before the next one can be reached. Also for the students to learn in the way they are supposed to and make sure they can keep the information with them all the way to the top.

Post University’s Bloom Taxonomy 

The next topic goes along with the idea of having educators well-adjusted to teach what they need to make sure all students are successful in each level. CoP’s & PLC’s, which stand for Personal Learning Community’s and Community of practice

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. To be able to make sure that students are not only comfortable speaking to their teacher is they feel stressed or in need; who do the teacher have? Their Principle’s. First off, PLC are one of the few learning environments that incorporates everyone; not just “students.” Most teaching professionals want professional growth and development (McConnell, Parker, Eberhardt, Koehler, & Lundeberg, 2013), and research has shown that students have a positive reaction to PLC and have improved their achievement (Lomos et al. 2011; Siguroardittir, 2010). Continuing on the idea that there are two types of areas to improve education, CoP’s (or Community of practice) is one of the ways to begin improving education. CoP’s is developing a group that has updated knowledge of what they are teaching, but also each other to use as support, mentors and leaders (Bouchamma & Brie, 2014). School principals are the best example of this, the principles are there to act as the support system of the whole school, without the trust between the teacher and the “leaders,” the schools would just fall apart and the students would suffer (Cranston, 2011).



The last area that has impressed me and really influenced me is the idea of mobile learning. Not only does technology follow us around for daily errands, but it now is an options for learning to happen where ever you would like. This really inspired me because of the fact that I am getting an education fully online, without having to set foot in a classroom. I can learn at home, at work, at Starbucks, or in my car. Many resources are out there for student to learn 24/7, and even educators to make it fun to learn. A good example is, this online learning system makes it easy for communication and participation for all, and also connects all around to world. Students can reach out to other students even when they are not in “class,” teachers can look up on student progress without having to worry about the whole class wondering, and grades are private and can be seen by each individual student so they can really know how they are doing (Blackboard, 2015).

After all I have learned in this course education has never been more important to me than now. All the areas I learned about and resources I have with me know are what will make me a better educator even if I’m not actually teaching. As a higher education administrator I find it hard to hear student say, college isn’t important and it’s my job to let them know they are misinformed. Cop’s and PLC I use every day in my office, us admissions counselors count on each other as a team to make sure we get our numbers each semester of students who belong at post, without our willingness to be each other’s backup we would fail. Bloom’s taxonomy: I use as a supervisor. I work with our student workers to make sure they are trained enough in one area before they are trained in another. It takes a lot to run an office and they need that knowledge to multitask and provide information to others when needed. And then Mobile learning, I use mobile learning every day, not only as a student but as a counselor. I have to know what kids what to know and how they want it communicated to them so I can make sure they are getting all the information they need to get accepted and successful.

All in all, I want to be able to take this knowledge and use it to make sure I can get where I need to be, personally and professionally. Personal I want to use blooms taxonomy for myself and set goals for me to learn and do a new task, and not move n until I feel ready to go to the next step. Professionally I want to take my knowledge of online forms and bring them to high schools and present them to students and teachers to make sure each student can learn the importance about higher education and the positives of going to college.


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