NURS 4455 Organization Theory Assignment

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NURS 4455 Organization Theory Assignment

NURS 4455 Organization Theory Assignment

Question 4Select one organization theory (refer to your textbook) and discuss how a nurse fits into that type of organization. How would you feel about working in such an organization? Why?

NURS 4455 Organization Theory

NURS 4455 Organization Theory

What is Organizational Structure-Nursing?

Phases of Management Process
1st: Planning; 2nd: Organizing; -relationships are defined (chain of command); -procedures are outlines (different steps);-equipment is readied (have stickers that say have been reviewed & Ok’d); -tasks are assigned (charge nurses giving assignments)

What is an organization?
formed when large enough that you need a supervisor; able to accomplish more work than can be done by one person’s work by themselves;

Organizational structure
refers to a way a group is formed, communicates and channels authority and makes decisions (ex. team of nurses)


Formal structure
Highly planned & visible; it provides a framework for defining managerial authority, accountability; Roles and functions are defined and systematically arranged where people have different ranks

Informal Structure
often hidden and unplanned-generally social, blurred authority and accountability ex. people that have experience others go to them for info/advise

Organizational theory; Max Weber
known as the “father of organizational theory” believed must have a bureaucracy (strict/structure/by the book/by policy/no bending)

Characteristics of bureaucracies
Clear division of labor (each person has a task to do); Supervisors & subordinates (authority recognized, promotion allotted); Impersonal rules & impersonality of interpersonal relationships (cant have favorites); Rules covering rights & duties of each position; Employment & promotion is based on technical competence (not who you know; its what you know)

Organizational Chart
Shows relationships within the institution; “Chain of Command”; Dotted Lines; Solid Lines

Dotted Lines
staff positions: advisory; provide assistance to management; no authority but have stake so can provide info; ex. doctors, medical staff, or VIP patients


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