NUR 2349 Sterile Precautions Discussion

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NUR 2349 Sterile Precautions Discussion

NUR 2349 Sterile Precautions Discussion


When would you use standard precautions over sterile
precautions while taking care of your patient and why?

. Introduction

a. People without a doubt become stres when overworking themselves too much whether it is from work or school hours, what some may not know is, whether it is good or bad they are only hurting their mental state of mind with so much stress they may have upon themselves.

b. Overall, if one works overwhelms themselves with so much stress it will only create more stress and it will introduce depression.

Thesis: Working an excessive amount of hours causes mental stress because it introduces depression, anxiety and has a significance in feeling overwhelmed.

II. Misinformation Section

A. IDEA 1. For this first idea it will be misinformation being presented about whether there is too much or too little stress being presented and how one will know if is okay for their state of mind.

1. One example that can be shown is the way the article introduces the lack of energy within an individual’s physical energy. As someone who gets overwhelmed there comes a limit to when they calm down. This false misinformation was found in social media databases that introduce false accusations about mental stress.

2. Another example, that is conveyed within the article is by using this tool that is called the togg that as quoted, “can bring you down to earth” by measuring the hours an individual works for. I am determined that with this false information that is being shown it has circulated by having the audience think that stress is okay to occur in certain scenarios.

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3. Lastly, one more example that conveys the reason for misinformation that is shown throughout the article is that the author mentions whether an individual has a good quantity of stress or low amount of stress both are okay to the person. The following information being presented can be seen as dangerous towards society because one must know how much stress can hurt their mental health.

B. IDEA 2 Mental Stress is a strong impact upon oneself and should be able to find different coping ways to handle stress without having an impact. Although there are a variety of different ways that are shown to cope with stress that is also seen as misinformation.

1. In the Article, “The Work Stress Epidemic, 7 Ways to Cope” Author Robinson demonstrates seven unique ways for someone to handle stress using their own ways. Although these ways that are displayed are seen as misinformation and society can be following these ways that may be dangerous.

2. Another example Robinson displays is that if you’re busy, to remain busy and only bury yourself with more ideas on your to-do list for the day. I can determine that it may be seen as false misinformation because the audience will only continue to become more stressed with their everyday things.

3. To finalize another example, that can be used when the author introduces the identifying the stressor portion throughout the article. This portion of the article represents misinformation because as an audience one is supposed to identify their stressor on their own stressor and then receive the help that they may need to help themselves. This example can be seen as dangerous because one as an individual or the audience should not be the one identifying their own stressor. There may be people who may seek more than help then just to help themselves.


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