NSG 3029 DQ The Discussion Assignment

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NSG 3029 DQ The Discussion Assignment

NSG 3029 DQ The Discussion Assignment

This week’s relevant topics are based on the course skills presented.

Make sure you submit your initial comment to the Discussion Area by the due date for this assignment.

Use your course and text readings, as well as articles from the South University Online Library, to support your work. Cite your sources in your work, as in other assignments, and include references for the citations in APA format.

Start reviewing and responding to the postings of your
classmates as early in the week as possible. Respond to at least two of your
classmates. Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a
statement of clarification, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging
an aspect of the discussion, or indicating a relationship between two or more
lines of reasoning in the discussion. Cite sources for your responses to other
classmates. Complete your participation for this assignment by the end of the

Nursing Research

NSG 3029 DQ The Discussion Assignment

NSG 3029 DQ The Discussion Assignment

Using the South University Online Library, find information
about nursing research.

Based on your research, respond to one of the following
discussion questions.

Discussion Question 1

Is research used in your facility? If so, what type of research
and how is this different than other nursing roles? Find out if there is a
research committee at your facility. Is research an important component of
clinical practice?

Discussion Question 2

Have you had an experience when evidence-based research had
a significant impact on the quality of your patient care that resulted in
policy making? Please discuss and state the issue and policy.

Citations should conform to APA guidelines. You may use this
APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources or
connect to the APA Style website through the APA icon below.

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Discussion Assignments

Discussion assignments are prompts that your teacher can assign to you. By participating in discussions, you can reflect on learning, share ideas and opinions, or ask and answer questions. Discussions may require you to answer individual questions or give multiple responses to an ongoing discussion.

Discussions are different from other assignments in that you do not have a Turn In option. Discussions comments are posted when you click Post my comment and the assignment is considered automatically turned in at midnight in your time zone on the due date.

Assigned discussions are available in your Assignments list and the Discuss page.

Complete Your Discussion Assignment

  1. Click Classes on the top menu bar. If you are in more than one class, select the class from the list.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the Assignments tab, choose the assignment that contains the discussion, and then click the discussion from the Assigned work section.
    • Click Discuss to the right of Assignments, and then click the discussion you want to open.
  3. Read the discussion text your teacher has included at the top, and then click Post a comment to respond.
  4. Type your comment in the box. You can use the available formatting options to alter your text.
  5. Optionally, do one or more of the following:
  6. Click Post my comment when you are ready to submit your discussion comment.
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