NRS 434 Health care support systems Discussion

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NRS 434 Health care support systems Discussion

NRS 434 Health care support systems Discussion


DQ1 You are admitting a 19-year old female college student
to the hospital for fevers. Using the
patient information provided, choose a culture unfamiliar to you and describe
what would be important to remember while you interview this patient. Discuss
the health care support systems available in your community for someone of this
culture. If no support systems are available in your community, identify a national

DQ2 For the middle-aged adult, exercise can reduce the risk
of various health problems. Choose two at-risk health issues that regular
physical exercise and activity can help prevent and manage. Discuss the
prevalence of each of these health problems in society today. Describe measures
that you would take as a nurse to assist clients with health promotion measures
to incorporate exercise and physical activity into their lives. Include the
kind of activities you would recommend, the amount of exercise, and the
approach you would use to gain cooperation from the client. Support your
response with evidence-based literature

How do I Build my Network?

You may find that your list is much smaller than you’d like. If this is the case, what is standing in the way of you building a support network? You may decide that seeing a counselor or talking with another professional advisor such as clergy or personal coach can help you develop your capacity to connect with others in a safe and supportive environment.

You might need help to identify the roadblocks you have created that keep you from connecting in meaningful ways with other people. A few examples of roadblocks include, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, misguided life priorities, disorganization in your life, anxiety, or difficulty asking for and accepting help from others.

Support systems are only effective if you use them.

Let’s work through the following roadblock example, “I don’t like to rely on others.” It’s hard for many of us to ask for help. Consider the following questions if this is an obstacle for you in using your support system.


Identify one situation you are dealing with in your life right now that you are overwhelmed with. Look through the list of supporters you made in this exercise, pick one person you can ask for assistance…and ASK.

Find yourself battling over the smallest issues which only lead to even bigger issues?  Read my firsthand review of two of the Marriage Fitness program here.

Your support system should be just that, supportive. If you find that certain people tend to take much more than they give, if you feel drained after each interaction, this isn’t considered supportive. In relationships there is an ebb and flow to support. Each person takes turns being the supporter as life happens.

However, if this support isn’t balanced it may be time to set healthy boundaries for yourself -See my article: Setting Emotional Boundaries in Relationships.

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