NR 305 Rapid Assessment of a Client Discussion

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NR 305 Rapid Assessment of a Client Discussion

NR 305 Rapid Assessment of a Client Discussion


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Please choose one of the patient scenarios below. Next, complete a rapid assessment, and provide a SBAR report to a classmate. Remember to include all concepts of patient safety, standard precautions, and professional standards.

  1. You are covering for a coworker who is off the floor for lunch, when you suddenly hear a loud crash coming from a nearby patient room. You quickly run in and discover Mr. Johnson who was admitted yesterday with a diagnosis of cerebral vascular accident (CVA) unconscious on the floor between the bed and the bathroom.
  2. You are called to the room of 2-year-old Jonah by his mother who states the child has suddenly started breathing very loudly and does not look right. Upon entering the room you quickly recognize that the child is in respiratory distress as his lips are cyanotic and the use of accessory muscles is evident.
  3. You are in the process of admitting Ashley, a 27 year old who is 28 weeks pregnant with her first child, to the obstetric unit for complaints of headache, dizziness, and swelling of her lower extremities when she suddenly begins seizing.
  4. n the current era of managed care, direct
    contact time with clients is often severely
    constrained, and practitioners face a
    difficult task in dividing the minutes
    available among such varied tasks as
    problem identification, relationship
    development, intervention, and guiding
    the client toward termination. In addition,
    as funding sources’ requirements for
    accountability and quality control increase, practitioners must also complete
    initial assessments, monitor progress on an
    ongoing basis, and evaluate outcomes.
    Managed care methods often seem paradoxical for mental health professionals, in
    that they limit client contact time—and
    thus measurement time—while mandating
    greater accountability that can be accomplished only through improved measurement. Not surprisingly, considerable
    demand has arisen for reliable and valid
    measures that can help meet accountability
    requirements, while maintaining a good fit
    with the professional training, treatment
    orientation, and time constraints of

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    Fortunately, the number and range of
    standardized assessment scales available
    for use in practice and research have
    expanded rapidly in the past 10 to 15
    years. Brief measures, sometimes referred
    to as rapid assessment instruments or
    RAIs, are a particularly fast-growing
    subset. RAIs are distinguished from other
    measures by their variety, ease of use,
    cross-disciplinary applicability, low cost,
    and, above all, brevity. Most include fewer
    than 50 items, some have fewer than 10,
    and all can be completed by most clients in
    a relatively brief time—often as little as
    one to five minutes. This allows standardized measurement to be a brief part rather
    than a principal component of client
    Unfortunately, many professionals are
    unaware of these instruments or their
    breadth and diversity. Others know about
    RAIs, but employ them only sparingly due
    to lack of information about the types of
    measures available; how to identify and
    select them; how to determine which are
    considered best; how to obtain the RAIs
    they wish to try; or because they believe,
    often incorrectly, that the measures can
    only be applied by licensed psychologists
    specializing in psychometric testing. Our
    goal is to provide an overview of RAIs,
    how they can be used, how they can be
    located and evaluated, and how to make
    them a tool for enhancing practice rather
    than simply another layer of paperwork.
    Types of RAIs
    We define RAIs as empirically tested
    measures with known psychometric

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