DNP 835 changing cultural dynamic Discussion

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DNP 835 changing cultural dynamic Discussion

DNP 835 changing cultural dynamic Discussion


DQ1 Identify a changing cultural dynamic in your community.
Include discussion on how this dynamic is influencing the way healthcare is and
will be delivered.

DQ2 As a nursing leader you are ask to identify the cultural
challenges that will be facing your staff in the next five years. Discuss how
you would recognize these needs and what tools you will use to develop a
response to the challenges.

What is the meaning of cultural dynamics?

What are cultural dynamicsCultural dynamics, simply put, include the various facets of a culture which are under a process of continuous, subtle changes due to a myriad of environmental, human and financial forces. These would include traditions, language, relationships, dress and fashion styles, beliefs and taboos.
Simply so, what is meant by culture is dynamic?

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2.5 Culture is Dynamic Culture is fluid rather than static, which means that culture changes all the time, every day, in subtle and tangible ways. All of these are aspects of culture that are interpreted differently depending on the cultural context.

Subsequently, question is, what are examples of dynamics? Dynamics is defined as the branch of mechanics that deals with the effect of outside forces on something. An example of dynamics is how the moon affects the ocean waves. An example of dynamics are the effect of individual relationships on a group of friends.

Thereof, in what ways do cultures become dynamic?

All cultures are dynamic and constantly changing as individuals navigate and negotiate the beliefs, values, ideas, ideals, norms, and meaning systems that make up the cultural environment in which they live.

What is meant by culture is dynamic and heterogeneous?

Culture is dynamic and heterogeneous means that culture changes. A person who grows up in one culture is not tied down to that culture. If that person moves to a completely different area and takes on all the cultural values therein, he/she can be viewed as a part of that new culture.

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