DNP 835 Assignment Reflection Artifact

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DNP 835 Assignment Reflection Artifact

DNP 835 Assignment Reflection Artifact



Please consider how you have developed the knowledge,
skills, and attitudes that enable your achievement of the Course Goals listed
in the syllabus. Then write a reflection of minimum of 1000 words describing
how this course has helped you achieve these goals. Finally, chose one
assignment that you feel represents your best learning (artifact) in the
course. Take a few minutes to revise it, according to comments from your
professor. Combine these into one document.

Finally, submit the assignment into the drop-box and save a
copy of it in a folder on your personal computer.


Letter of Introduction

My understanding of Standard 9 is that a competent teacher needs to understand that her role is just one within many who need to collaborate in order to do what is best for the child.  The relationships that are included in the team are colleagues, parents, and the outside community. Not only is it important to maintain these relationships, but a teacher also needs to know the skills in order to collaborate effectively with all members of the team. There is also a process that needs to be addressed when working with others. When communicating with parents, it is necessary to know what is going on with the child and his family outside of school.

The artifact I chose addresses this standard because it is a form of indirect communication with the parents of my students. Through this letter, I was able t o portray who I am as a person as well as what I hope to become as a teacher. I was able to explain to parents some of the activities that I participated in when I was in school as well as some more personal details, such as my family situation. By allowing these details of my life to be in the letter I sent home, I was inviting the parents to get to know more about me and thereby providing them with a possible conversation to approach me with. The letter itself was a form of written communication, however because I included a recent picture of myself, they would be able to visualize who this new person was going to be in their child’s classroom as well as be able to approach me if they were to come into the school. By allowing parents to get to know who I am, it opened a door for them to be able to collaborate with me. This could have been by communicating with me directly or through my cooperating teacher, which adds one more

member to the team.

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I believe that this artifact has impacted my teaching because it allowed me to think about how I wanted to portray myself to parents to allow them to feel comfortable enough with me to talk about their child and his best interest. I included in my letter some elements of education that I think are important. I can use this letter as a base, and gradually include more things about me and my thoughts on teaching as I grow. I have also learned that in the future, I can use this letter as a way to introduce myself to parents and students prior to beginning the school year.  This letter was also a result of collaboration with my mentor as well as with my cooperating
teacher. I first wrote a draft of what I wanted to say and then had the opportunity to review it with my mentor and cooperating teacher in order to discuss the elements that were positive and to Include others that may be important to tell parents.

As a result of addressing this standard, I feel like I am more prepared to teach and learn in a diverse society because I know that sometimes it will be more difficult to work with a team.  I also know that by collaborating with my mentor and my cooperating teacher, I am able to express what I believe is important in a way that makes it easier for others to understand. By collaborating with my cooperating teacher on my letter as well as on many other aspects of the placement experience, I have learned how important it is to work with other teachers to get ideas on how to teach as well as to make sure that I am creating an environment that aides in the
development of all students, not just the advanced students. Although I did not have any responses to my letter of introduction this semester, I know that in the future, I will be able to create more opportunities for parents to work with me on what might be best for their child. I also hope to be able to understand what is going on with students outside of the school so that I can reflect on some of these things as I get to know who they are.

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