DNP 825 Assignment Reflection Artifact

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DNP 825 Assignment Reflection Artifact

DNP 825 Assignment Reflection Artifact



Please consider how you have developed the knowledge,
skills, and attitudes that enable your achievement of the Course Goals listed
in the syllabus. Then write a reflection of minimum of 1000 words describing
how this course has helped you achieve these goals. Finally, chose one
assignment that you feel represents your best learning (artifact) in the
course. Take a few minutes to revise it, according to comments from your
professor. Combine these into one document.

Finally, submit the assignment into the drop-box and save a
copy of it in a folder on your personal computer.

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Basic Knowledge of Science

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Today’s age is called the “the age of constant scientific discovery”. Getting up in the morning and reading the headlines “rocket launch in some country“, “attempts by scientists to create living cell”, “global warming”,and “water pollution”. Before we could understand anything we are reading, we need to know what exactly, in our daily life, the importance of these things is. Public understanding of science is more central to our national security than half a dozen strategic weapons systems. The sub-mediocre performance of youngsters in science and math, and the widespread adult ignorance and apathy about science and math, should sound an urgent alarm.

Here are top reasons why we should know basics of science:

10. Helping in day to day life

20The importance of science in our daily lives may not be obvious, yet we make science-based choices every day. Science is involved when we choose what to eat, or choose products with the least impact on the environment or make informed decisions about our health-care. Science is the foundation of an innovative culture and at the core of significant political decisions. Science invites us to let the facts in, even when they don’t conform to our preconceptions. It helps broaden our knowledge.

9. Improving industrial growth

19The Renaissance first taught man to realize the value of scientific progress, but it was not until the 18th century that the Industrial Revolution in the West really showed the impact science could have on living through developments in land-tillage, commercial production, transportation, and the beginning of the supply of mass-produced consumer goods. Awareness doesn’t care about age; basic science was important 2 centuries back also and even today it holds the same importance. Anyway, growth of any sector wants its people to know the basic grasp of that subject.

8. Enhancing real understanding

understanding-knowledgeMy meaning with “real understanding” is that it enhances our knowledge area. Finding a resource isn’t enough, one should know what could come out of it and, its importance. Not everything can be answered by philosophy as it says everything on this earth has their meaning and purpose and importance of existence. Science gives the real and direct answers to these questions which can be questioned only with proofs. Material and logistics aren’t enough as science gives the answer for their existence too. People got away with living without knowing science for thousands of years but the times have changed and civilization expanded only when men started to use wood rolls as wheels and generated fire from stones. These things sparked the growth and till now these basic things help men survive and we can’t afford to not know them.

7. Some issues are everyone’s problem –

17“Should we build nuclear power plants?” “How do GM crops benefit farmers?” “What should we do about the spread of disease?” “What should we do about the privacy of genetic information?” If you’re on a jury, what is the value of a DNA fingerprint? We simply cannot afford as a society to have people saying, “That’s not my problem.” These issues are everyone’s problem. And certainly, we ought to have an apprehension over issues like this, they affect us.

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6. Appreciating how the natural laws of science influence our life

16Newton worked hard to give the world three laws of motion and in return the world ought to respect him by knowing his laws, if not becoming a physicist. These things govern our system and thus, us. Not going into thermodynamics but we need to know “energy is neither conserved nor destroyed, it simply transforms from one form to another”. Big Bang theory can’t be ignored; it tries to explain the formation of life. We should be thankful to what Einstein, Newton, Stephen Hawking and many more great scientists did and how it helped changing the notion prevailing in the society. These are the things about which we hear every day and ignoring it is not the solution.

5. Gain perspective on the intellectual climate of our time

15I think science enhances our basic knowledge and perspective to look at things around us. Certain kind of knowledge is expected like knowing about the evolution life, what cell is, gravity etc. It helps in getting involved in the discussions. Science tell us to be grateful to nature. Knowing basics of science helps us make contribution in the discussions going in the air. New ideas and established wisdom is another reason why we should know the basics of any subject. We need wide appreciation of this kind of thinking. It works.

4. Get to know about our body mechanism

14If science wouldn’t have been there, we wouldn’t know how our body functions. Think someday you go to a doctor and get to know that you are having asthma. Before you act, you need to know what asthma is, does it affect lungs, kidney or which organ. The way our organs work is a thing of general awareness and escaping from these isn’t a solution. Everybody assumes that we know them.

 3. Our government wants us to know the basics

13Our democratic government, which supports science education, sponsors basic scientific research, manages natural resources, and protects the environment, can be opposed by a scientifically illiterate citizenry. The basic knowledge about science could at least help people to know why government invest so much money on scientific research otherwise it would come out to be a major turn-off for them. It’s an essential tool for a democracy in an age of change. Basic knowledge of citizens is one of the criterions to decide the nation’s development. Why do you think U.S. is more developed, having more scientific technology is one of the factor. Our task is not just to train more scientists but also to deepen public understanding of science.

 2. Become scientifically literate

12As a consumer, as a business professional, and as a citizen, you will have to form opinions about these and other science-based issues if you are to participate fully in modern society. All citizens need to be scientifically literate to appreciate the world around them and make informed personal choices. Becoming scientifically literate helps us understand the issues that come across daily in news stories and scientific debates. I think any nation needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake and a basic understanding of how the world works.

1. Makes us aware

11Well, the question is how does it make us aware? Science gives us reason why should we be hygienic, what happens if we use too much of a.c., how does a plant grow, what is reproduction, why can’t we fly, etc. Science plays a big role in society. Though basics of every subject is important but science plays major role is spreading awareness. Answers to certain questions are assumed to be known. This knowledge is sometimes given at home but most of the time we need to read. Or else we shouldn’t wait for some body calling us dumb.

Science is thought of the subject of intelligent and nerds. There has always been a lack of compatibility between science and humanities, thinking each other as superior than other. Even I have a lot of discussions among friends that one can survive without knowing anything about science. But thinking deeper, basics of every subject are needed. Be it biology, economics, chemistry, physics, history. Science is much more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking. This is central to its success.

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