DNP 805 Pressing Issue Discussion

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DNP 805 Pressing Issue Discussion

DNP 805 Pressing Issue Discussion


DQ1 Select a pressing issue you face in your practice
setting that we have not previously discussed.

Find and read a research article regarding that issue.

Share the issue and the findings of the article with your
peers. What are potential solutions to the issue?

DQ2 Discuss a leadership issue you have confronted in you
practice, either as a leader or as an organizational member. How was this issue
dealt with? How might it have been done better?

Today’s Top Global Health Challenges

Changing patterns of disease and transformations in the field of global health practice have created new challenges for contemporary global health practitioners. Here are some of the most pressing global health problems we face today:

1. Building Public Health Systems

While, in recent years, the global community has achieved marked successes in areas designated as high-priority, such as HIV/AIDS and malaria, other areas have remained neglected. This has produced stark inequalities in care.

For example, in many communities across the global south, those suffering from HIV/AIDS can now access state-of-the-art care, while those suffering from cancer lack access to the most basic services. These dynamics reflect the limitations of top-down interventions, in which planners often use global indicators of disease prevalence and cost-benefit analyses to set priorities.

By contrast, rights-based approaches to global health adopt a patient perspective, which considers the range of forces that shape health and disease. The nonprofit organization Partners in Health, for example, developed a particularly successful holistic, rights-based approach to global health in Haiti, and then used the lessons learned from that project to develop a similar initiative in Rwanda.

The challengeOne of the most pressing challenges today is to invest in patient-centered public health systems that can respond to the range of forces that shape patterns of health and illness.

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2. Coordinating Global Health Initiatives

Today’s disjunctive landscapes of care have emerged as new philanthropic entities and public-private partnerships (PPPs) have taken on an increasingly significant role in global health. The private sector has been celebrated not just for investing massive amounts of funding in the field, but also for contributing entrepreneurial logic. Here, flexibility—particularly in terms of freedom from bureaucratic rules and regulations—is seen as the basis for maximizing efficiency. In the field of global health, however, this flexibility has often come at the cost of effective coordination, contributing to the redundancies and areas of neglect discussed above.

The challenge: In order to address this problem, we need innovative mechanisms to facilitate the coordination of this increasingly diverse field.

3. Beyond Aid: Facilitating Participation

While human rights-based perspectives on health privilege the patient perspective, in practice, targeted populations are often far removed from the conversations through which health priorities are set and strategies to achieve them are designed. Ultimately, this distancing limits the effectiveness of interventions.

The challengeWe need to create innovative governing structures that link the range of contemporary global health practitioners to state and local stakeholders.

4. Prioritizing the Needs of the Most Marginalized

As in the field of health, the global community has experienced significant achievements in combating poverty over the last decade. The needs of the most marginalized populations, however, have remained neglected. As a result, declining poverty rates have been accompanied by widening inequalities.

The challengeIn the years to come, we will increasingly need to prioritize the health needs of the most marginalized populations, and to devise innovative initiatives to work with these populations to improve their health outcomes.

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