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Discussion: Lobbying Political Leaders

Discussion: Lobbying Political Leaders

Discussion: Lobbying Political Leaders

NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT:Discussion: Lobbying Political Leaders.

Lobbying political leaders; Through unique knowledge of their constituents ‘ needs, city and county officials have the power to implement policies and programs that protect LGBTQ people, improve community engagement, and open opportunities (Burke, 2016). Nursing leaders can, therefore, lobby political leaders to pass policies that favor LGBT.

Involvement in campaign groups; Many of these LGBT individuals face discrimination due to current policies in place. Nurses can join in their campaign and together fight for their rights. Sometimes, demonstrations are the only voice that the government hears and responds to.

Volunteer to engage in conferences or activities related to strategy. Prepare a fact sheet and help prepare a document to educate policymakers. Inform stakeholders regarding events that provide incentives for policymakers to tackle.

Conclusively, there is a need for changes to be effected on policies relating to LGBT rights to ensure they feel safe in society. As such, nurses should politically intervene with members of LGBT. They have the potential to have a profound global impact on politics. Nevertheless, it is nurses ‘ ethical and professional duty to intervene in policies they deem to be affecting their patients, LGBT notwithstanding.

Burke Sheila A. (2016). Influence through policy: Nurses have a unique role.Retrieved 29 October 2019, from https://www.reflectionsonnursingleadership.org/commentary/more-commentary/Vol42_2_nurses-have-a-unique-role
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health. (n.d). Retrieved 29 October 2019, from  https://www.cdc.gov/lgbthealth/

Ethical Considerations of Scientific Research


By completing this assignment, the student will

Describe examples of violations of human rights during the conduct of scientific research;

Describe codes that seek to assure protection of human subjects of scientific research.


Scientific research that violated the rights of human subjects.

Tuskegee Syphilis Study – U.S. Public Health Service

Answer the following questions on

Describe in detail the nature of the research, including the following.

1) the research population

2) the experimental treatment

3) the dates and length of the research

4) the short-term and long-term effects on the human subjects

5) the circumstances that ended the research.

In addition to selecting a research study.