Discussion: Lifecycle Of a Parasite

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Discussion: Lifecycle Of a Parasite

Discussion: Lifecycle Of a Parasite

NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT: Discussion: Lifecycle Of a Parasite

You should also discuss a brief history of the disease (including the infectious part of the lifecycle if it is a parasite), where it is endemic (always found) and where it has spread, the general symptoms and stages of symptoms if there are such stages.
4. Mention if this disease is currently on the WHO website or CDC watch list. Several diseases may be classified as potential biological weapons, which you should mention if that is true for your disease. You might want to cite (or hypothesize) the reason your disease is considered a potential weapon, which might include communicability, death rate, or some other quality.
5. When discussing treatment, you can mention (brief) historical treatment, but should focus on vaccines (if there are any), the most recent drugs available and the method of action of such drugs.
6. Finally, discuss if there is an outbreak in the world at the moment, how long it has been a concern, and what is being done to slow or stop this disease.

Your presentation should

  • Consist of 15–20 slides in length, including the title and reference slides.
  • Use the following bolded topics and subtopics (required) to guide the flow of discussion in your presentation.
  • Define and describe the issue. (one to two slides)
    • Describe the background and history of the issue. (two to three slides)
    • Perform a review of the literature. (three to four slides)
    • *Summarize what is known about the issue.
      *Discuss solutions to the issue as identified from the literature.
    • Explain how the issue is being addressed at the organization where each team member is employed.(one slide)
    • Propose a best practice solution integrating information from the review of literature and from team member’s organizations. (one to two slides)
    • Conclusion – one slide
    • Use course content, your textbooks, professional journal articles, and professional websites as references for your work. (A minimum of 10 professional references with at least five (5) nursing journal articles required.)
  1. Submit your assignment electronically in the designated location. Sometimes, a voice-over PowerPoint presentation is large and will not submit if the size is larger than the designated drop box. Review the size of your file and check with your instructor regarding any size limits for submission.

Presentation Tips: When submitting a PowerPoint make sure content flows between slides, avoid duplication of information; make sure format, grammar, APA format, and content are seamless and flow. Voice recordings should be done in a quiet environment with easily audible sound levels.

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