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Discussion: Emergency Room Nurse

Discussion: Emergency Room Nurse

Discussion: Emergency Room Nurse

Discussion: Emergency Room Nurse


Week 4 Assignment: “Yes, I’m Serious” Campaign

Having staffing issues in your facility? Get serious and take a stand!

You are receiving this letter as a dedicated nursing professional. We know you want to do the right thing for your patients, but time and the number of patients does not always allow for good-quality care. Please take a few minutes out of your hectic day and let your elected officials know—your patients deserve better care and you want to be able to provide that care for them. Complete the letter attached to this e-mail and submit it to your elected official. Yes, we can make a difference and, yes, we can improve the quality of the care we give. Let’s make nursing’s voice heard—loudly and clearly—let them know, “Yes, I’m Serious!”

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Yes, I’m Serious Campaign

Sample Letter to Representative or Senator


Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State, Zip Code

Your E-mail

Your Phone Number

The Honorable_________________________

House of Representatives or United States Senate

Office Address of Representative or Senator

Dear Representative/Senator ____________________,

( In your first paragraph include personal information and why this topic is of interest to you ) I am very fortunate to have been provided with an excellent education that prepared me for the future. I currently work as an (emergency room nurse) in your district and have seen the impact of a decrease in staffing in my (emergency room) and in (my hospital). Recently, I have become very concerned about the legislative impact of not having enough staff members to care for individuals obtaining (emergency room services). Nurses want to provide safe, quality care to the patients that entrust us with their lives. As a government official, I am sure that you share many of these concerns.