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Discussion: Cheating or Plagiarism

Discussion: Cheating or Plagiarism

Discussion: Cheating or Plagiarism

NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT:Discussion: Cheating or Plagiarism

Discussion # 3

Discuss how your current practice may change in the future as a result of your understanding of one particular Essential. (You may choose the Essential you wish to reflect on.) (Essentials I-IX)

Discussion Rubric

The initial post will be regarding the topic of the week and will be a minimum of 250 words. Make sure you provide appropriate references (2-3) and utilize APA style.  Each discussion will be allocated to a specific Master’s Essential.

Quality of information:

100 % Information is clear and relates to topic

100 % Provides relevant resources using APA guidelines

100 % Enhances the critical thinking process through premise reflection

syllabus is added for details 

Students are expected to logon to Blackboard at least once every 24 hours to ensure that they remain on schedule and aware of assignments or any changes to class scheduling. All assignments are due on the due date and at the specified time, and must all be submitted via Blackboard. All major written assignments will be submitted through designated TurnItIn links accessible via Blackboard.

All students are required to access their university email accounts at least twice per week as important information will be shared using this form of communication. In emergency situations such as natural disasters, important information regarding university functions and operations will be communicated via email.

Students will be graded on the achievement of the objectives, not on the effort put into completing assignments. All online discussions, written assignments and documentation of others’ ideas and words in presentations must be in APA 6th edition formatStudents have one opportunity to complete each assignment. Papers cannot be rewritten and presentations cannot be resubmitted in an attempt to obtain a higher grade.


Cheating or plagiarism is dishonest, undermines the necessary trust upon which relations between students and faculty are based, and is unacceptable conduct. Students who engage in cheating or plagiarism will be subject to academic sanctions, including a lowered or failing grade in a course; and the possibility of an additional administrative sanction, including probation, suspension, or expulsion