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Discussion: Advocacy Skills and Capacities

Discussion: Advocacy Skills and Capacities

Discussion: Advocacy Skills and Capacities

NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT:Discussion: Advocacy Skills and Capacities

Another aspect of policy influence is advocacy. One of the most important mandates for nurses is to advocate for the rights of their patients. Achieving optimal advocacy would require nurses to take active roles in the political processes of their country. Through such involvement, nurses would be able to execute their advocacy roles more effectively. As patient advocates, nurses should ensure that everything in the healthcare system is centered on the delivery of patient-centered care (Aram et al., 2014). By enhancing their advocacy skills and capacities, nurses may be better placed to push for the perceived gaps in the health care of LGBTQ people. AACN MSN Essentials recognizes the need for a nurse to be able to provide intervention at the system level through policy development and the application of advocacy strategies to impact care (AANC, 2011). This third political action, therefore, would be in line with the requirements of nursing educations.

Create a relevant response post with a minimum of 150 words that addresses peers’ initial posts regarding the specified discussion topic.  A rule of thumb for all DQ responses is the 3-3 rule; 3 paragraphs minimum, 3 sentences per paragraph minimum. Word document, double space. APA (6ht)

This the original work if you needed

Describe three political actions nurses could take to strengthen their role in policymaking as it relates to advocacy for improving LGBTQ health. Correlate your discussion to the AACN MSN Essentials, identify one that most pertains to this topic and elaborate on your selection.

Attached below is additional information regarding providing adequate care for the LGBTQ community as outlined by Joint Commission and the CDC:

  • Choose 2 research methods from the below: Randomized Control Trial  Cohort Study  Case-Control Study  Cross-Sectional
  • choose two articles to write about. The articles should be related to population health and infectious disease, chronic health, occupational health, global health, genomics, or environmental health:
  • and these are the questions needed to be answered:
  • Does the study design specify a question, goal, of the study? Why is this important?  Explain the methodology (Randomized Control Trial, Cohort Study, Case-Control Study). Describe the participant information, include recruitment. Is selection bias present?  How is data collected?  Are the variables identified? If yes, discuss. If no, how does this impact your interpretation of the study?  How was the data analyzed, what statistics are provided? What are potential errors related to the study design?  What are the weaknesses of the type of study design/method?  Discuss the outcomes and the implications for implementation.