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Case Study: Education/Learning Assessment

Case Study: Education/Learning Assessment

Case Study: Education/Learning Assessment

Case Study: Education/Learning Assessment

NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT:Case Study: Education/Learning Assessment

    • Process      Outcome:
      • Nurse       will increase correct application of evidence-based care plan based on       identification of correct diagnosis or primary problem upon admission       Increase documentation of evidence-based interventions and patient       progress toward care plan goals in EPIC each shift. .
      • Increase       completion of education/learning assessment upon admission and each shift.
        • Metrics’        compliance: correct application of care plan based on admitting        diagnosis, shift documentation of evidence-based interventions and care        plan goals, patient education/learning assessment documentationPrior to beginning the work of any DNP scholarly project, Walden students will complete the steps of prospectus development and approval. Once the prospectus is approved the committee will be formed, proposal developed and oral proposal defense completed per the DNP Project Process Guide. The ethics approval process begins during proposal development but can only be finalized after the proposal defense is entered into MyDR/Taskstream. Principles of Staff Education There is no single model for development and delivery of Staff Education, as clinical needs, organizational structures and budget will guide the concepts and processes.

           The program must include a well-developed framework for effective programming and evaluation for the adult learners within the context of the setting.

           Evaluation must be planned and should be formative or iterative in nature, with ongoing evaluation occurring throughout the planning stages.

           Key stakeholders should be included in the process.  A process for summative or impact evaluation must be included that demonstrates

          outcomes related to the identified Staff Education program objectives.  The evaluation should identify the programs impact on social change as an


          Definition of Staff Education Projects Staff education may include nurse residencies, orientation, in-service education, and continuing education of professional staff. Walden requires that a partner organization oversee the staff education activities. Walden is able to oversee the evaluation data collection, if the site wishes (see IRB steps below).