Assignment: The Meta-paradigm

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Assignment: The Meta-paradigm

Assignment: The Meta-paradigm

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Integral dialogues are

transformative and visionary explorations

of ideas and possibilities within and

across disciplines. The healing process

brings clinicians to a place where they

introspectively encounter their fears, search

for and manifest their full self, and express

their full self through creativity, trust in life,

zeal, and love. No single aspect of healing

is any more important than any other. The

Exploring the Theory of Integral Nursing

28 International Journal for Human Caring

interplay between and among aspects of

healing brings greater understanding and

meaning about the complexity of illness,

wellness, and healing to interactions with

clients, families, colleagues, and others’

in one’s life. The concept of healing is

informed and transformed by the four

dimensions of reality that exist at any

moment, also known as quadrants: (a)

Individual interior (personal/intentional)—

the “I” space, (b) individual exterior

(physiological/behavioral)—the “It” space,

collective interior (shared/cultural)—

the “We” space, and (d) collective exterior

(systems/structures)—the “Its” space

(Table 1). The dimensions of reality

examine values, beliefs, assumptions,

meaning, purpose, and judgments related to

how the individual structures action based

on the nature of the experience at hand

and the quadrants of reality that are most

influenced by a given situation. A personal

examination of each aspect of reality

enables the individuals to be more in touch

with their authentic self in many different

types of situations and/or environments.

A fundamental assumption of the theory

is that every human is born with healing

capabilities, so that it is not the clinician

who heals the individual but the individuals

themselves. By being open to opportunities

for healing, clients create a space for healing

to occur. Through creation of trusting, client-

centered relationships, nurses facilitate the

client’s ability to invest in self-healing. Self-

healing is not seen as some magico-religious

phenomenon, but as the process of

addressing issues that block personal

wellness. Self-healing allows the person to

be centered in the potential for the body,

mind, and spirit to work synergistically to

enhance the combined benefits of prescribed,

complementary, and safe alternative

therapies, all of which are focused on

improving health. Intentionality is a key

factor in healing and a quality of the healer

and healee that speaks to a determination or

commitment to achieve a higher level of

wellness. Without intentionality, healing

progresses less efficiently.

The Meta-Paradigm of Nursing

The theory of integral nursing

encompasses the meta-paradigm of nursing

(Fawcett, 2005), which includes person,

environment, health, and nursing. The

meta-paradigm also captures the essence

of Wilbur’s previously described quadrants

of reality, embracing both the fullness of the

human experience and the fullness of the

experience of nursing.

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