Assignment: The Anesthesia Team.

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Assignment: The Anesthesia Team.

Assignment: The Anesthesia Team.

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Professional Development Exercises :

Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 8 (Guido, p. 150)

The patient was to undergo a fundoplication surgery to repair an

esophageal hernia. The procedure involves the insertion of an esoph-

ageal dilator, which at this institution is performed by the anesthesia

team. In this particular instance, the dilator was to be inserted by a

nursing anesthesia student. The student introduced herself to the

patient immediately before the procedure. She used her first name

only and stated that she was a registered nurse who would be work-

ing with the nurse anesthetist and the anesthesiologist. The student

referred to the nurse anesthetist by first and last names and to the

anesthesiologist using the term doctor and his last name.

During the insertion of the dilator, the student tore the lin-

ing of the esophagus. This required an open procedure to be per-

formed, which resulted in complications for the patient. The

patient sued for lack of informed consent, inadequate supervi-

sion, and negligence. Specifically, the patient argued that he had

the right to know if a student was to perform any part of the pro-

cedure and that he had the right to refuse such participation.

The court returned a verdict in favor of the patient on the

part of inadequate supervision. As stated in the institution’s writ-

ten policies, the student was to be supervised by an anesthesiolo-

gist, not merely a nurse anesthetist.

Is the patient correct in asserting that he has a right to know the names and status of individuals who will be performing this procedure?

Does the manner in which the student introduced herself and the two other team members have relevance in this case?

Was the informed consent deficient to the degree that there was a lack of informed consent by the patient?

How would you decide this case?


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