Assignment: Systems Theory

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Assignment: Systems Theory

Assignment: Systems Theory

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I really like the systems theory mainly because how its described. If one part of the system is affected, every other part is as well. Nursing is very much apart of the systems theory because we are just one part of the whole unit, if nursing were to fall apart or even if administrative systems disappeared then we would ultimately not succeed. The chaos theory makes a lot of sense to me, because its constant managing. There is always going to be that stressor in the hospital setting where nursing staff calls out due to a life incident and I don’t foresee us ever having enough nurses to cover that gap. I think we had a better system of nurse to patient ratios then we would see a lot of nurses coming into work and falling back in love with their job. Of course life still happens but the rise in calling out due to just about anything I think would overall decrease. Both theories are very different in my opinion and I think there isn’t a good way to compare them because of that. The most alike thing I can think of is that systems and chaos both need a unit of people. Both theories however I can’t see ever changing or adapting, I think as far as chaos goes, this is an ongoing problem that may never be solved.


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Attribution theory, as applied to health care management, is a way of assessing the successes and failures of a health care system or program. Attribution theory assumes health care management can be improved by understanding that error in health care can sometimes occur. Utilization management is a proactive approach to managing health care through preset guidelines.This is followed by research and a determination of who will benefit from the major decisions that are made. Once data is collected and evaluated, policies, guidelines and procedures can be developed and implemented. Once data is collected and evaluated, policies, guidelines and procedures can be developed and implemented. Social and interpersonal factors can play a role in determining which approach is best

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