Assignment: Recognize Bias & Stereotypes

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Assignment: Recognize Bias & Stereotypes

Assignment: Recognize Bias & Stereotypes

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Membrane glycoprotein, cleaves sialic acid groups from host glycoproteins.  Required for release from host cell

Membrane glycoprotein, major viral antigen.  Required for entry and release from host cell

Ion channel required for pH maintenance

RNA polymerases required for transcription of viral RNA


At risk groups

Seasonal susceptibility (I.e. likeliness to catch in colder seasons)



Young children


cardiac issues

Pulmonary Disease

Pregnant woman

Immuno- compromised

Care Givers (Doctors, nurses, etc.)

Elderly over age of 65

What effects the efficacy of the vaccine

Schools will closed during pandemics


Current research

one shot


Transmission (birds?)

Countries with seasons

Countries along equator (such as Singapore)

Countries that have flu season tend to not vaccinate during summer whereas countries closer to the equator vaccinate all year round (with constant research) due to the slight peak that will occur during the year

Domestic animal (birds, chickens etc)



Annual jab is best suited

At your own risk/ can’t force the jab

CDC 2017 recommendation

Who should not be vaccinated

New strains

Still suffer even with protection

not recommended for individuals under 6 months of age

(1) effectiveness wears off over time (2) new strains will develop

If you get the flu it will be milder with the vaccine

Reduces deaths in children caused by flu by 50%, and reduces overall transmission to community How does the community health nurse recognize bias, stereotypes, and implicit bias within the community? How should the nurse address these concepts to ensure health promotion activities are culturally competent? Propose strategies that you can employ to reduce cultural dissonance and bias to deliver culturally competent care. Include an evidence-based article that address the cultural issue. Cite and reference the article in APA format.


  • Create a power point with the intended audience to be a community health department.
  • Focus on a real or fictional disaster that has or could affect your area. For example, if you live on the Florida coast you might choose potential hurricane.  (Location is Texas)
  • Discuss the role of the Community Health Nurse in each stage of disaster. You should include a few slides on each stage of disaster: preparedness, response, recovery with specific activities and resources that the public health nurse would use in each stage.
  • Identify other agencies that might be involved.

The assignment should be submitted in Power Point format, with at least 10 content slides (in addition to a title slide and reference slide) and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials.

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