Assignment: PMHNP Performance Testing

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Assignment: PMHNP Performance Testing

Assignment: PMHNP Performance Testing

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From the first line of treatment, it is clear that the patient does not respond to the treatment and does not show any signs of improvement. Increasing the Exelon to 4.5 mg orally BID would help determine if the initial dosage was insufficient and could fasten the recovery process

Mr Akkad is still showing a lack of interest in religious services, which used to interest him and continues to show disinhibited behaviors. Confabulation can still be noted, and I administered the MMSE once again, and the score was the same (18 out of 30).

There is a big difference between the actual results and the results I expected. The client still experienced the same symptoms and had no improvement from the medication. The MMSE was administered, and the score was 18 out of 30. The results are short of my expectations because I thought the client would show some little improvement.

Exelon can help improve the normal functioning of the brain’s nerve cells (Fife, 2016). It is one of the first-line agents in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and also one of the most effective. Aricept and Razadyne are second-line agents for Alzheimer’s disease treatment; therefore, it would be wise not to use them ahead of Exelon at the beginning of the therapy. It, therefore, becomes the best option, to begin with.

Exelon is a very effective drug within the first two weeks of treatment

Mr Akkad has also shown a dramatic change in attitude, particularly on things that he used to take seriously, which he tends to ridicule. Mr Akkad’s son states that his father’s memory loss is progressively getting worse and experiences difficulty remembering certain things. In most cases, he sometimes fails to make up the right words in a conversation and tends to deviate from the main discussion to a totally unrelated topic. The results of the memory test indicate grey confabulations after the client is subjected to PMHNP performance testing

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