Assignment: People Technology Process

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Assignment: People Technology Process

Assignment: People Technology Process

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A more broadly used early application of IoT was provided by Otis Elevator in the late 1980s and later copied by most other elevator companies.13 Sensors in elevators send alerts over a network to a service center’s computer when parts need replacing, and service technicians arrive without the builder owner knowing about the potential problem. Extending IoT even further, today’s elevator systems alert handheld devices of nearby repair technicians who then visit the elevator to make the repair. Devices may connect to the Internet over a wireless connection or through a hard‐wired connection.

Many say that we are on the brink of a new revolution that will be as impactful as the popularization of the World‐Wide Web. The IoT has already been applied to large number of “things”—extending to home appliances, automobiles, thermostats, lighting, pets, and even people.14 Many people can already perform futuristic functions using smartphone apps. They can remotely check the status of their heart monitor, tire pressure, or subway train’s location. They can locate a lost pet or valuable object. They can reset their thermostat, turn off lights, and record a program on their DVR even after having left for vacation.

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FIGURE I-8 Comparison of the economics of things with the economics of information.

Things Information

Wear out Doesn’t wear out but can become obsolete or untrue

Are replicated at the expense of the manufacturer Is replicated at almost zero cost without limit

Exist in a tangible location Does not physically exist

When sold, possession changes hands When sold, seller may still possess and sell again

Price based on production costs Price based on value to consumer

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14 Introduction


Information Systems

People Technology Process

FIGURE I-9 System hierarchy.

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