Assignment: Outpatient Visit Diphtheria

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Assignment: Outpatient Visit Diphtheria

Assignment: Outpatient Visit Diphtheria

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CDC VFC Publications: Supplement (2014)


Journal for Nurses in Professional Development 309

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benefitYcost ratios and ROI percentages require a mone- tary balancing measure to the expenses of the inter- ventions. A search was conducted for published costs associated with a wide variety of conditions. This update of the Known Costs of Outcomes Table (see Table 2) in- cludes (a) most recent costs reported since 2010, (b) a revised format organizing the conditions with similar topics, (c) an increased number of conditions, and (d) an alphabetized order for ease of locating the correct table.

IMPLICATIONS FOR NPD A consistent method was not found in the literature to de- scribe the financial and clinical impact of professional development activities. The original articles demon- strate how to calculate cost analysis, benefitYcost ratio,


References Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. (2014). Saving lives and

savingmoney:Hospital-acquired conditionsupdate. Interimdata fromnational efforts tomake care safer 2010Y2014 (p. 13, Exhibit A3).

TABLE 2 Updated Known Costs of Outcomes Table 2018, Continued Conditions Recent Cost Estimate References Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP)

Hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP)

Estimated extra cost per case in 2015: $47,238

VAP represents 1/4 of all ICU-acquired pneumonia infections.Meta-analysis: 13 studies. HAP/VAP added 8.37 days to the ICU LOS (N= 11). The pooled hospital costs attributable to HAP for all international settings were $28,008. In 2 U.S./Canadian studies, the excess costs were higher ($65,589) Median treatment costs per outpatient episode: $346 (range $195Y$551). Median costs per inpatient episode: $4,851 (range $3,313Y$7,669) High risk: $2,464Y$5,885 with invasive ventilation; $2,386Y$5,739 with noninvasive ventilation; $40Y$248 postdischarge cost Moderate risk: $852Y$2,678; $34Y$207 postdischarge cost

hospitalization and per outpatient visit Diphtheria: $16,982 (IP), $100 (OP visit) Tetanus: $102,584 (IP), $100 (OP visit) Pertussis: $10,765Y$22,410 (IP), $100Y$173 (OP visit) H-Flu/meningitis: $4,111Y$38,270 (IP), $100Y$353 (OP) H-Flu acute: $18,195Y$49,236 (IP), $310Y$570 (OP) Poliomyelitis: $7,781Y$50,554 (IP), $100 (OP visit) Measles: $4,032Y$46,000 (IP), $88Y$526 (OP visit) Mumps: $11,196Y$46,060 (IP), $110Y$556 (OP visit) Rubella: $4,886Y46,060 (IP), $89Y$651 (OP visit) Congenital rubella syn: $62,233 (IP), $110 (OP) Hepatitis B: $15,662Y$27,051 (IP), $214Y$599 (OP) Varicella: $4,136Y$22,113 (IP), $83Y$254 (OP visit) Pneumococcal: $3,798Y$25,848 (IP), $86Y$272 (OP) Rotavirus: $3,195Y$4,793 (IP), $135Y$455 (OP visit)

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