Assignment: Musculoskeletal Injuries

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Assignment: Musculoskeletal Injuries

Assignment: Musculoskeletal Injuries

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AHRQ (2015)

Bhaumik et al. (2013)

Hsu, Wilhem, Lewis, & Herman, (2016)

Autism spectrum disorder $17,081 per year Lavelle et al. (2014)

Breast milk Biological mother ranged $0.51 to $7.93; donor human milk cost was $14.84; commercial formula was $3.18 A year’s supply of human milk costs $20,000Y$35,000; a year’s supply of powdered milk costs $1,500Y$2,000

Jegier et al. (2013)

Dale (2013)

Cancer Canadian Family support network for child with cancer

Cancer treatment

CAN$2,776 for 3 months Family assistance: Admission bag: $100 Gas & food cards: provided Adopt a family: toys, supplies, essential household items Beds: provided Wigs: provided Ronald McDonald House: efficiency/apt Scholarships to survivors/immediate family members Partners with pediatric oncology teams $3,247 annual mean cost of outpatient visits $21,329 annual mean cost of in-patient visits $2,204 annual mean medication cost

Tsimicalis et al. (2013) Children’s Cancer Network (2018)

AHRQ (2018)

Cataract surgery $8.786 (IP) CDC VFC Publications: Supplement (2014)

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Estimated cost per case in 2015: $13,793 AHRQ (2017)

Clostridium difficile infection Estimated cost per care in 2015: $17,260 AHRQ (2017)

Central line-associated bloodstream infections

Estimated cost per case in 2015: $48,108 AHRQ (2017)


306 November/December 2018

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TABLE 2 Updated Known Costs of Outcomes Table 2018, Continued Conditions Recent Cost Estimate References Employee Injury

Musculoskeletal injuries

Needle stick

Multiple physical injuries per incidence: Direct cost $73,749 Indirect cost $81,123 Total cost $154,872 Strain: Direct $33,140 Indirect $36,454 Total $69,594 Sprain: Direct $29,989 Indirect $32,987 Total $62,976 Needle stick and sharps injury management among healthcare personnel Median of the means for aggregate (direct + indirect) costs Int$747 (range Int$199YInt$1,691)

OSHA Safety Pays Program Estimator (2017)

OSHA Safety Pays Program Estimator (2017)

Mannocci et al. (2016)

Falls Estimated extra cost per case in 2015 dollars: $6,694

Cost in 2015: Noninjurious patient falls: $1,139Y$2,033 Injurious patient falls: $7,136Y$15,444 Serious patient injury cost: $17,567Y$30,931 Mean cost of hospitalization related to a fall is $17,483 per event

AHRQ (2017)

Spetz, Brown, & Aydin (2015)

Trepanier & Hilsenbeck (2014)

Hospital-acquired pressure ulcer (HAPU)

Stage IV pressure ulcers

Stage IV pressure ulcers

Estimated extra cost per case in 2015: $14,506

Avg. hospital treatment cost for Stage IV pressure ulcers and complications was $129,248 for HAPU for one admission and $124,327 for community-acquired ulcers over an average of 4 admissions. Estimated cost per case for Stage IV pressure ulcers: $18,731.47Y$21,410

AHRQ (2017)

Brem et al. (2010)

Spetz et al. (2013)

Heart disease

Heart surgery

Acute myocardial infarction

$1,377 a

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