Assignment: Mood Disorders Of Melancholia

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Assignment: Mood Disorders Of Melancholia

Assignment: Mood Disorders Of Melancholia

______________ was the first to distinguish thought disorders (schizophrenia) from the mood disorders of melancholia (depression) and manic depression (bipolar disorder). His views were a major influence on diagnostic categories formulated during the 20th century.

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1. A. Dorothea Dix
2. B. Sigmund Freud
3. C. John Locke
4. D. Emil Kraepelin

In the beginning of the 20th century, Sigmund Freud developed a form of therapy known as _____________.

1. A. cognitive-behavioral therapy
2. B. aversion therapy
3. C. psychoanalysis
4. D. behavior modification

Emil Kraepelin was the first to describe “dementia praecox,” the mental disorder now known as _____________.

1. A. schizophrenia
2. B. bipolar disorder
3. C. major depressive disorder
4. D. Munchausen`s syndrome

Which of the following statements is true regarding the ancient views on psychology?

1. A. The ancient Chinese made connections between a person`s bodily organs and their emotions.
2. B. The earliest cultures to seek natural explanations for disorders were the ancient Americans.
3. C. The ancient Chinese (2,600 BCE) believed in supernatural explanations of psychological disorders.
4. D.Frenchman Philip Pinel was the first to write about a man suffering from a phobia of heights—what we now call acrophobia.
Max, an early researcher in psychology, was interested in how the mind worked. He attempted to break experiences down into its component parts. Max was most likely a:

1. A. structuralist.
2. B. functionalist.
3. C. behaviorist.
4. D. psychoanalyst.
______________ conducted some of the earliest research in perception and laid the groundwork for what later became known as psychophysics.

1. A. William James
2. B. Johns Hopkins
3. C. Rosalie Raynor
4. D. Ernst Weber
(p. 17) Which of the following is NOT one of G. Stanley Hall’s achievements?

1. A. He founded the American Psychological Association (APA).
2. B. He opened the first psychology laboratory in the United States.
3. C. He coined the term psychophysics.
4. D. He started the first scientific journal in American psychology, the American Journal of Psychology.
(p. 16) Which of the following behavior patterns was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1973?

1. A. Dissociative identity disorder
2. B. Homosexuality
3. C. Conversion disorder
4. D. Anxiety disorder
(p. 13) The ancient Chinese made connections between a person’s bodily organs and their emotions. According to these connections, the ______________ housed ideas and intelligence.

1. A. heart
2. B. liver
3. C. spleen
4. D. kidneys
(p. 13) The Greek physician ______________ was the first to write about a man suffering from a phobia of heights—what we now call acrophobia.

1. A. Galen
2. B. Hippocrates
3. C. Socrates
4. D. Aristotle
(p. 18) According to structuralism:

1. A. our experiences during childhood are a powerful force in the development of our adult personality.
2. B. psychology is a sub-discipline of philosophy.
3. C. breaking down experience into its elemental parts offers the best way to understand thought and behavior.
4. D. psychology is an empirical science which is independent of medicine and physiology.
(p. 19) ______________ psychology promotes personal growth and meaning as a way of reaching one’s highest potential.

1. A. Humanistic
2. B. Gestalt
3. C. Positive
4. D. Holistic

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