Assignment: Methadone Treatment

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Assignment: Methadone Treatment

Assignment: Methadone Treatment

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AHRQ (2018)

DeLong (2017)

AHRQ (2016), p. 8

Hospital stay Average cost per day

Average cost per inpatient day varies across 50 states

Rappleye (2015)

Medication errors Annual cost of 400,000 ADEs = $3.5 billion annually

Patient Safety (2016)


Journal for Nurses in Professional Development 307

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TABLE 2 Updated Known Costs of Outcomes Table 2018, Continued Conditions Recent Cost Estimate References Mental health Hospitalizations for pediatric mental health disorder

Hospital-based in-patient psychiatric services Treatment of mental disorders (adult)

Suicide risk Follow-up calls for suicidal ideation or self-harm

Total resource utilization charges/mean charges/visits (pediatrics): Depression: 1.33 billion/$13,200 Bipolar: 702 million/$17,058 Psychosis: 540 million/$19,676 Externalizing disorder: 264 million/$18,784 Anxiety disorder: 149 million/$19,118 ADHD: 133 million/$19,118 Eating disorder: 108 million/$46,130 Substance abuse: 102 million/$12,098 Reaction disorder: 100 million/$8,444 Average expenditure per child for treatment of mental disorders: $2,195 $1,143 annual mean cost of outpatient visits $12,126 annual mean cost of in patient visits $966 annual mean medication cost $1,020 annual mean ED visits cost Estimated ROI was $1.76 for commercial insurance and $2.43 for Medicaid for patients discharged from a hospital Estimated ROI was $1.70 for commercial insurance and $2.05 for Medicaid for patients discharged from an emergency department; study support business case for payers to invest in postdischarge follow-up calls

Bardach et al. (2014)

AHRQ (2015)

AHRQ (2018)

Richardson, Mark, & McKeon (2014)

Methicillin-resistant staph aureus

Estimate cost per patient up to $60,000 Sannazzaro (2015)

Narcan use Narcan kit of 1Y2 doses costs $130Y$140 Park (2017)

Nosocomial infections Single-bed ICU rooms

5 year analysis (costs, infection risk, length of stay, and cost savings from reduction of nosocomial infections) in single-bed roomsVsubstantially outweighed additional construction and operational expenses: ROI 56.18%

Sadatsafavi, Niknejad, Zadeh, & Sadatsafavi (2016)

OB adverse events Estimated extra cost per case in 2015: $602 AHRQ (2017)

Opioid treatment Methadone treatment annual cost: $6,552 Buprenorphine treatment annual cost: $5,980 Naltrexone treatment annual cost: $14,112

National Institute on Drug Abuse NIH (2015)

Orientation New RN

$49,000Y$92,000 (includes replacement costs)

Trepanier, Early, Ulrich, & Cherry (2012)

Surgical site infections Estimated extra cost per case in 2015: $28,219

AHRQ (2017)

Stroke $16,000 average hospital cost for discharges per case in 2014

AHRQ (2016), p. 18

Subcutaneous drug delivery Administration: Subcutaneous: $30.19 Intravenous: $113.13

Dychter, Gold, & Haller (2012)


308 November/December 2018

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