Assignment: Maladaptive Adult Behavior.

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Assignment: Maladaptive Adult Behavior.

Assignment: Maladaptive Adult Behavior.

(p. 15) Psychoanalysis assumes that the unconscious blocking, or repression, of disturbing thoughts and impulses—especially ______________ impulses—is at the heart of all maladaptive adult behavior.

1. A. depressive and unethical
2. B. aggressive and unethical
3. C. illogical and depressive
4. D. sexual and aggressive
(p. 16) Which of the following fields is considered a “parent” of the discipline of psychology?

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1. A. Literature
2. B. Physics
3. C. Philosophy
4. D. Chemistry
(p. 16) The earliest researchers in psychology examined the subjective experience of physical sensations. This area of study is known as:

1. A. neuroscience.
2. B. philosophy.
3. C. physiology.
4. D. psychophysics.
(p. 18) Which of the following early approaches to psychology focused on why and how people think and feel?

1. A. Socialism
2. B. Behaviorism
3. C. Structuralism
4. D. Functionalism
(p. 16) Empiricism is the belief that knowledge and thoughts come from _____________.

1. A. scriptures
2. B. experience
3. C. genetic endowment
4. D. observation
(p. 19) ______________ psychology shares with humanism a belief that psychology should focus on studying, understanding, and promoting healthy and positive psychological functioning.

1. A. Health
2. B. Developmental
3. C. Psychological
4. D. Positive
(p. 13) In Europe during the Middle Ages (400 to 1400 CE [Common Era]), psychological disorders were attributed to:

1. A. physiological disorders.
2. B. deeds in past life.
3. C. social status.
4. D. supernatural causes.
(p. 14) In the United States, the first practitioner of humane treatment of the mentally ill was _____________.

1. A. René Descartes
2. B. Sigmund Freud
3. C. Dorothea Dix
4. D. John Locke
(p. 18) Jim, an early researcher in psychology, was interested in how the mind works. He focused on his own experience of pain in an effort to understand how and why people feel pain. Jim was most likely a:

1. A. structuralist.
2. B. functionalist.
3. C. behaviorist.
4. D. psychoanalyst.
(p. 18) Mary Whiton Calkins:

1. A. was the first female president of the American Psychological Association.
2. B. was a student of Sigmund Freud.
3. C. opened the first psychology laboratory in the United States.
4. D. started the first scientific journal in American psychology, the American Journal of Psychology.
(p. 18) In which of the following approaches to psychology was introspection the primary research method used to understand thoughts and behavior?

1. A. Psychophysics
2. B. Structuralism
3. C. Empiricism
4. D. Behaviorism

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