Assignment: Integral Nursing Theory

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Assignment: Integral Nursing Theory

Assignment: Integral Nursing Theory

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described in the theory of integral nursing

has the potential to narrow the theory-

practice gap by emphasizing the importance

of dedicating oneself to the personalized

pain relief clients seek and nurses strive to

deliver. In this sacred space, nothing else

is allowed to interfere with the interactions

between the client and the nurse. The nurse

is totally focused on what he/she is doing

and what the client describes as their

experience of that particular episode of pain.

The theory brings a more open vision of the

client-nurse relationship, especially as it

relates to the role of each partner who is

part of the pain management experience.

Nursing’s primary role is to carry out

theoretically driven nursing interventions

with and for the client; interventions that

promote health and healing and convey

caring and respect for the individual while

facilitating pain relief. The client’s role is

to remain open to participating in their own

care, to aid the nurse and healthcare team

in the co-creation of care, and to provide

feedback to the nurse about the effects of

co-created care on their overall physical,

mental, and spiritual well-being. Nursing

process has been a blueprint for care for

many decades and is the foundation upon

which the holistic caring process has been

developed. Within the context of the holistic

caring process, the following practice

suggestions are offered.

the Holistic Caring Process

The optimal delivery of nursing care is

guided by the theory of integral nursing. The

theory’s holistic caring process expands the

assessment of clients to ensure gathering of

objective and subjective data, not only about

one’s physical status, but also regularly

gathers and integrates data about the

emotional and spiritual status of the client.

Application of the theory’s core concept of

healing facilitates conversations (integral

dialogues) between clients and physicians,

clients and nurses, nurses and physicians,

and nurses and other members of the

healthcare team. Using the pain experience

as an example, the outcomes of such

dialogues have the potential to change

practice by inviting clients to tell their pain

story (and history) so that a more useful and

meaningful plan of pain management can be

developed, a plan whose openness respects

and values the voice and experiences of

the client, as well as the knowledge and

expertise of nurses, physicians, and other

Exploring the Theory of Integral Nursing

312012, Vol. 16, No. 1

healthcare team members. Table 1 is an

exemplar that depicts the application of

the dimensions of reality within quadrants

as they apply to pain management. Each

dimension affords nurses opportunities

to center themselves on aspects of pain

management care that foster internal


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