Assignment: Educational Interventions

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Assignment: Educational Interventions

Assignment: Educational Interventions

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Garrison and Beverage (2018) used the process de- scribed in Opperman et al. (2016b) to calculate the ROI

TABLE 1 Recent Educational Intervention Studies Including Calculation of Economic Impact (2014Y2018)

Citation Project/Methodology Financial Impact Strategy/Intervention Outcomes Measured Frampton et al. (2014)

Systematic review (74 studies)

Decision-analytic economic modelVcost-effectiveness of education intervention to prevent catheter bloodstream infections

Cost-effective to implement educational interventions

Huge variety of educational methods, length and number of contacts with learners

Diverse types of educational interventions reduce incidence of CLABSI

Utilized both educational practices andnoneducational activities

Model showed bundle saved 0.8 CLABSI and 0.3 lives per 100 patients Increased survival by 3.55 years and 2.72 QALYs

Identified need for standardized definitions for blood stream infections

Garrison & Beverage (2018)

Process for NPD tracking ROI to increase awareness

Reviewed 2 projects: peritoneal dialysis (PD) and colon clean closure (Colon).

PD: Results are 91% ROI; staff comfort level went from 2.8 to 4.2

Colon: 409% ROI if reduction of one SSI; staff comfort level was measured as 4.11

PD: Quarterly PD review, three stations with education and return demonstration

Colon: 30-minute live, poster presentations and electronic learning module

PD: Increased nurse comfort level with PD; decreased LOS by 1 day/ year; measured nurse comfort level and learning needs assessment

Colon: Reduced SSI rates and increased comfort level of nursing staff to prevent SSIs

Kram et al. (2015)

ABCDE bundle, delirium, EBP

Awakening, breathing, coordination, delirium, and early mobility

Saved an average of $2,156 per patient

Did not provide the cost of educating staff

Live CE in evidence for bundle; live CE on proper administration of ICDSC tool; online module and paper version available

Decreased average LOS by 1.8 days; reduced length of mechanical ventilation by 1 day; established baseline delirium prevalence of 19% over 3 months

Young et al. (2015)

Quasiexperimental, quality improvement project with pre- and postmeasurement design

$27,019 cost education (84 nurses; 41 PCTs)

Cost to care for single stage PrU can be up to $130,000, making this a good investment

Implementation of MEDLINE Pressure Ulcer Prevention program & Tracked for 24 months & Training: RN 7.5 hours, PCT 5.5 hours

& New skin care products & Algorithm for tx protocols

Significant reduction in nosocomial PrU preprogram (mean = 5.9) and postprogram (mean = 0.2)

Facility had nearly 6 PrUs per month, reduced to nearly 0

Note. CE =

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