Assignment: Displaying Strange Behaviors

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Assignment: Displaying Strange Behaviors

Assignment: Displaying Strange Behaviors

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This case study examines the examination and treatment of an elderly Iranian man displaying strange behaviors. According to his son, Mr Akkad has lost interest in some of the things that he used to enjoy. At the same time, the client forgets things frequen

It is an irreversible, gradually worsening disease that affects the brain’s memory and thinking abilities. A person with Alzheimer’s will slowly start becoming forgetful until it is significantly noticeable among their family and friends. Later in the development of this disease, they will also begin to change in personality and require increasing assistance in completing simple everyday tasks

From the second line of treatment, it is evident that the patient started responding to the medication because he can now attend religious family service but still amused by some things he used to treat seriously. Increasing Exelon to 6 mg orally BID will speed the recovery process and improve cognition, mood, and ability to engage in daily activities.

It is expected that an increase in dose will be effective and alleviate the generalized symptoms of Alzheimer’s. No side effects are expected because the dose is appropriate. The patient should be able to overcome the condition within some time. However, I would advise the client’s to be patient with him because the trajectory of treating Alzheimer’s is that the disease is irreversible and can take a significantly long time to control (Anderson, Murphy & Troyer, 2012).

The clinician needs to educate the patient and family about the available medical treatments that Mr Akkad can be subjected to and the reason for choosing Exelon as well as its associated side effects. They should also be informed about the importance of taking the medications regularly and a sufficient dosage for the patients. The client’s son should also be counseled regarding the trajectory of presumptive Alzheimer’s disease, considering the fact that it is an irreversible disease, and even though cholinesterase inhibitors can stabilize the associated symptoms, the process can take several months.


Exelon is one of the cholinesterase inhibitor drugs that can temporarily stabilize and reduce the cognitive decline in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In the treatment of the disease, it is important to consider the first line of treatment before considering the possibility of using the second line.


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