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Assignment: Cultural Diversity and Healthcare.

Assignment: Cultural Diversity and Healthcare.

Assignment: Cultural Diversity and Healthcare.

NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT:Assignment: Cultural Diversity and Healthcare.

Research Paper 

This paper consists of researching and completing a term paper dealing with an issue in cultural diversity and healthcare. There is a list of topics you can choose from or you can submit an original topic. Your paper should be in APA style .Grading rubrics for the research paper can be found at the end of this syllabus.

Your research paper should have at least the following components: 

  • · an introduction presenting your      topic, 
  • · an overview of the structure of      the paper, 
  • · an engaging and thought-provoking      thesis statement, 
  • · a literature review of the      existing research, 
  • · a minimum of five sources that are      peer-reviewed, or academic in nature, 
  • · references and citations following      APA formatting, and 
  • · key points summarized with smooth      transitions between section. 

You will often be given a task dealing with your career and sent on your way to “accomplish the job”. Just as in the real world, you must work toward excellence. The more original, the better the evaluation! Mediocracy will be rewarded as such by your instructor.

You will do a power point presentation on one of the following topics.

  • Changes that occur with the implementation of a new EHR system—Present the issues such as resistance to change and discuss ways to resolve issues.
  • Role of informatics on patient safety and quality
  • Assess the impact of information technology on multicultural groups—Discuss and explore how the digital divide impacts different cultural groups. Examine and analyze the factors affecting this issue. Provide recommendations to revolve issues.
  • Define data integrity, data management and strategies for maintaining accuracy of data and its impact on healthcare—Define and explore the challenges associated with data integrity and management and the impact on various areas of health care.
  • Define and discuss how health care institutions are adhering to HIPAA regulations—Examine this significant issue in nursing and discuss the impact on the profession.
  • Analyze the impact if tele-health on the current healthcare system—Define the different types of telehealth. List the pros and cons of each. Give examples of where telehealth might be most useful and issues around access to health care.
  • Examine the impact that internet technology has on the security of health-related information—Discuss different ways the Internet impacts health care, for example, WebMD. Discuss and list the pros and cons of each application, website, online journals, or other including accuracy of the information in each one. Discuss security issues of each and provide recommendations to resolve these issues. .