Assignment: Chamber of Commerce

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Assignment: Chamber of Commerce

Assignment: Chamber of Commerce

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A high-deductible health plan shifts expenditures to the patient while lowering premiums. In theory, high-deductible health plans should save money in the short run by making patients more selective in the care they seek; however, these plans could result in long-run adverse consequences due to patients delaying necessary care to save money. To reduce the effect of adverse consequences and consistent with the Affordable Care Act requirements,

many high-deductible health plans pay for the complete cost of such preventive services as routine checkups, screenings, immunizations, prenatal care, and contraception. A high-deductible health plan can be part of a consumer-driven health plan as discussed in the previous section, or it can be sold by an insurance company or provided by an employer as a free-standing product.

Many consumer-driven plans, whether they are spending-account or tiered models, are now categorized as high-deductible health plans. These are the fastest-growing plans on the mar- ket, increasing from 4 percent of all managed care enrollees in 2006 to 29 percent of all managed care enrollees in 2016 (Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust 2016).

stAte HeAltHcAre reform As healthcare is increasingly viewed as a social good and right, businesses and states are looking to the federal government to provide for that right under some type of national health insurance. Some busi-

nesses see national health insurance funded by taxes as a more equitable way of financing and a more comprehensive way of delivering healthcare than the current method of coverage provided by employers and individuals as mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Businesses are hoping that spreading the tax burden for national health insurance would result in their tax increases being less than their healthcare costs now, which would make American business more competitive in an increasingly global economy (Salb 2008). How- ever, other businesses see national health insurance as too expensive and lacking appropriate cost controls (US Chamber of Commerce 2010). While the US Chamber of Commerce accepted the ACA, it continued to fight the employer mandate as too expensive for small businesses and the additional taxes mandated by the ACA as unaffordable (Zigmond 2014).


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